MFL Swivel Nut to Barb (Female FFL)


This adapter screws onto MFL (male) threaded disconnect allowing you to connect a hose to them through the barb on the other end. They are great to allow you to clean out beer lines without having to undo clamps each time. 
Also good for auto break hose adapters and other automotive applications.

Most of our fittings are MFL - this will allow you to make your own remote gas lines or anything that needs beer / gas line attached to it MFL compatible.

Combine this adapter with the or to a barbed disconnect to create a remote gas line which allows you to have our mini regulator separate from a keg rather than directly attached.

Image below illustrates the use of the FFL to Barb adapter in a remote line. The adapter connects to the disconnect end.

1/4 gas flare, 1/4 inch gas flare MFL thread. 1/4"

(Gas bottle, Reg and disconnect not included)

Make a Mini Reg Remote Gas line:
Use this adapter plus a length of tubing plus this adapter (MFL to Barb adapter) at the other end to create a remote gas line with MFL male on one end and MFL female at the other.

soda stream bottle with mfl to barb adapters

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, what size barb is this. I'm looking for one suitable for use with 8mm I'd line

    It's about a 6.5 to 7mm barb. So would probably be ok with a decent hose clamp. What it the OD of the line? I can throw in a clamp to suit.

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