N20 Cream Chargers | 7.5/8g Cream Bulbs - for Espresso Martini or cream

***Please do not order this item for miss-use. We take details on all orders. We can only sell to users of our mini keg systems or for other cafe / catering / legitimate purposes ***

**We will need a photo / scan of your ID and a written explanation of what these are being used unless we have you on record as purchasing one of our cocktail kegs. We keep records of all purchases.
**Please reply to your purchase email & send through the above details promptly.
**Your order will not be sent if the above procedure is not followed.
**Must be over 20 years old to purchase.

N2O bulbs / Cream Chargers / Nitrous : 7.5/8g un-threaded.
$20 (pack of 10)
Mosa Brand. 
Compatible with Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Kegs, NitroPress + other similar mini keg systems
Not Compatible with Growlerwerks Ukeg.

These suit our coffee and cocktail tapping system . They do not come with the packages and must be added to your cart separately.

These will also fit in the GrowlerWerks uKeg - great for stouts or anything served on Nitro!

Containing pure food grade N20 they give drinks a beautiful creamy texture and mouth feel.

Each box contains 10 bulbs which is enough to dispense approximately 10-15L of nitro coffee or cocktails.


Chargers/bulbs are under pressure and non refillable.
Keep out of sunlight or heat.
Store cool and dry.
Do not store at 50degC/122F or above.
Do not use force or damage chargers.
Do not pierce any other way than intended.
Keep out of reach from children.
Only dispose of empty/used chargers. Do not dispose full/unopened chargers.
Recycle the empty steel chargers.
Volume per charger approx: 10.4ml
Weight per charger approx: 24g
contents per charger approx: 8g nitrogen oxide (N2O)

This product is covered by the Medicines Act 1982 and may only be purchased by genuine users in the catering industry for the purpose of whipping cream or for dispensing liquid through our products. By completing a purchase of this product you confirm that you comply with this restriction and agree that details of your name and address will be made available to an Officer of the Ministry of Health, by us, if called upon to do so.

Mosa, Whip-it, iSi

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Does this fit the Growlerwerks UKEG Nitro Cold Brew coffee maker?

    Hi Tim -  (updated)
    If you have the UK64 with an 8g holder they will work. Or if you have the 8g holder for the UK128 they will work on that too.

    I think the uKeg Nitro Coffee maker comes with a 16 holder - so you would need to make sure you have the smaller holder.
    We also have pure Nitrogen (same size at the 8g n20) canisters too here: https://www.ikegger.co.nz/collections/nitro-kits/products/pure-nitrogen-n2-chargers-2g
    The Pure nitrogen canisters only have 2g of gas so you may need more than one to dispense a whole UKeg.

  • How can i choose the shape of kegg for a 2 liter and howmy 12 ounce coffee i can get from a 2 ltr kegg

    Hi Mood -
    Here are our coffee kits the first two in the list are the 2L versions.

    oen 2L keg will do 1.5L of coffee. YOu need to leave some head space in there.  So thats 4x 12 ounce.  (12 ounch is a big coffee though!)
    Thanks (c:

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