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Please contact us if you are after any custom setups. We are happy to arrange packages for you to suit your needs.

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**Purchase Gas Separately**
Our Cocktail Kegs run on small 8g un-threaded gas bulbs.
The kits do not come with gas and must be added to your cart separately. Links for the 2 different types of gas available are below


The iKegger Coffee Spear:

The Nitro Coffee Tap:

  • This stainless steel forward sealing style tap is designed for high pressure usage.
  • It's long tapered spout has a sieve like plate inside that forces liquid through fine holes to make the dense foam / head that is usually desired with this kind of style.
  • Clip on when you want to use it and clip off for storage.
  • Premium option has stainless connection and premium stout tap.
  • Instructions for tap assembly here:  (ignore the c02 reg & beer part - use this as a parts reference)

Choose a Keg size to suit your needs:

  • There is the choice of 2L, 4L, 5L and 10L Mini Kegs
  • 2L, 4L or 5L Insulated Kegs (stays cold all day without ice).
  • Approx 600ml less than keg volume is usable for coffee / cocktails as you need space for the gas to expand and liquid to be shaken to absorb the gas. Leave min 600ml head space for the gas.

**Purchase Gas Separately**

Our Cocktail Kegs run on 8g/2g unthreaded gas bulbs. The kits do not come with gas and must be added to your cart separately

  • N2O bulbs / Cream Chargers : 8g un-threaded 10 pack
    Food grade N20 Nitrous Bulbs
    Serves more per bulb with more froth.
    Serves Approx 1L per bulb
    Best used for Espresso Martini
    Click here to order N2O bulbs >

  • Pure Nitrogen N2 bulbs / Chargers : 2g un-threaded  10 pack
    Food grade Nitrogen
    Serves less per bulb but gets that cascading look with a thicker / denser foam
    Serves Approx 0.5L per bulb
    Best used for straight Cold Brew Coffee
    Click here to order Pure Nitrogen N2 bulbs >

Both Gases are food grade and give drinks a beautiful creamy texture and mouth feel.

Each box contains 10 bulbs which is enough to dispense approximately 10-15L of nitro coffee or cocktails.


N20 is covered by the Medicines Act 1982 and may only be purchased by genuine users in the catering industry for the purpose of whipping cream. By completing a purchase of this product you confirm that you comply with this restriction and agree that details of your name and address will be made available to an Officer of the Ministry of Health, by us, if called upon to do so.



iKegger Mini Kegs:

  • Our Mini Kegs are made from 304 stainless steel. These kegs are well made, passivated for use with liquids and virtually unbreakable.
  • Perfect for beer fills, coffee, cocktails, cider, kombucha, water, anything!
  • Geat for taking to BBQ's, or the beach or used by homebrewers no matter what level you are at.
  • Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handles
  • Stackable design for easy storage
  • Kegs come with a flat stainless screw top as standard
  • 4L Kegs have a marked 3.78L fill line but are in fact 4L when full.
  • 2L Kegs have a marked 1.89L fill line (1.95 L when full).
  • Easy to fill at your local brewery / bar / bottle shop / rigger filling station
  • Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonating using our Pro Mini Reg or your own existing CO2 source.

Keg Sizes (taps add approx 12cm to height of the Keg)

  • 4L Keg : 13.5cm diameter, 35cm tall
  • 2L Keg : 13.5cm diameter, 22cm tall
  • 2L Double Walled Insulated Growler : 13cm diameter & 30cm tall 
  • 5L Keg : 17.5cm diameter, 27.8cm tall
  • 10L Keg : 17.5cm diameter, 50cm tall

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help out as much as we can.



    Ask a Question


    Ask a Question
    • Will these kegs work for Margaritas?

      Hi Michelle -
      Yes for sure - as long as there is no bits in the mix to block up the nitro spout.
      I would maybe suggest the co2 pro tap version would be even better:  (and you get way more pours out the the gas using co2 as well)


    • Heya, does this kit come with all instructions for Nitro cold brew?

      Hi Nick -
      Yep it sure does - Recipes and usage videos all online too.

    • Can the 4L insulated kegs be converted over to a standard "beer" keg later with just changing the top?

      Hi Al -
      Yes correct the kegs can be used for beer or any other beverage with the Pro Tap / Brewers Tap Kits.

    • Hi, I have a 5L Ikegger with the nitro coffee/cocktail setup. Once filled with 4L liquid, how many bulbs roughly be used for the whole consumption. Also, for how long the liquid stays creamy and all, can we store it overnight if not fully consumed? Thanks.

      Hi Rami -

      Thanks for the message. You will use about 5-6 nitro canisters for the full consumption of a 5L keg filled to 4L.

      Yes you can store it over night or as long as you like as long as it is pressurised and chilled.  If you have poured 2-3 glasses and then storing its best to add the next canisters before storing.

      I hope this helps out - Feel free to call up if you have any more questions.

    • I Like the four litre however in one of the questions below you answered that you could create a clip on clip off as you do for the beer option . . . Is this available for the nitro brew option?

      Yes we can do that - We are moving to taht option for all of our beer / coffee / cocktail kegs.

    • Hi I want to keg off from my William’s warn and use your keg on nitro, what set up is best? I would like a 10ltr

      Hi Hayden -

      Are you wanting to use it portable? Ie take it with you?

      Our Brewers / Pro Tap is the one you would want but with a few extras:

      Transfer line from WW to Mini Keg:

      Then a micro Nitrogen reg to control pressure

      and nitrogen canisters:

      and a stout tap if you dont already have one:

      If you dont want to make it fully portable you could go with a bigger nitrogen gas source:

      If you want us to make a package with certain things let us know and we can make a custom pack for you.

      Cheers - Andrew.



    • Hi, I would like a unit for home use cold brew coffee. What will be the best setup for this? Thank you, Theo Smith. 0274719770.

      This kit you are looking at is definitely best for home.  You chose the keg size that will best fit in your fridge.  Remember that you need about 500ml head space for the gas to expand. So the 2L only holds 1.5L of cold brew or cocktail.

      We are currently upgrading to units that will have a clip on/clip off tap like our beer kits so you will be able to take the tap off any lay the keg down if you want.  Let us know if you want this option.

      For the gas - Either use cream bulbs as linked to in the product - or use pure nitrogen N2 bulbs here:

      We hope this helps - Cheers.

    • How do you recommend cleaning the keg, lines, and taps in between uses? Is there a way to flush without using a gas cartridge to pressurize? Is it a good idea to run a no-rinse sanitizer though periodically?

      Thanks for the message. The eaisest way to clean is with hot water - ringe the keg first to get things part clean - then half Boil a job and pour it in. Connect the top and give it a shake. The heat will create pressure and so you can then pour out the tap and it will clean the lines.  Be carefull of course since using hot water.   Easy!

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