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10L iKegger Mini Keg - Choose tapping kit

All iKegger kegs fit all our taps and tops.

The newest addition to our range of mini kegs is the monster 10L! 17.5cm in diameter and 50cm tall.
56.5CM tall with double ball lock top (DBLT) screwed on.
59CM tall with DBLT and plastic disconnect attached.
Skinnier than corny kegs or commercial kegs so you can fit more in a fridge.

It has the same neck as our other mini kegs so our tap systems can be used on this keg.

With the double ball lock brewers top installed these still fit comfortably on a shelf lying down in most fridges. In fact in a larger fridge two of these fit easily with space for a sodastream bottle or 2.2L disposable Nitro or Co2 bottles and regulator making them ideal for homebrewers wanting to force carbonate 10L of beer, have another 10L ready to drink on tap and still without needing a separate beer fridge!

Holding the equivalent of 30 x 330ml bottles of beer there aren't many circumstances where this won't keep your glass full all day and night! 

Like all our range these are made with 304 stainless steel that has been passivated so that it doesn't impart any flavor into your beer and will not rust.

These are designed to last a lifetime!

  • 10L approximate volume
  • Gas sold separately
  • Half the size & weight of bottles when using the flexi/picnic tap, perfect for camping, caravans, bbqs & parties etc
  • Made from 304 stainless steel. These have a slightly thicker wall than our 2L & 4L kegs so really are virtually unbreakable.
  • Integrated, easy to grip, comfortable handles
  • Marked with a 10L fill line
  • Perfect for home brew, either for natural carbonation with dextrose or force carbonating using the Brewers Tap.
  • Great for cold brew coffee served on Nitro (contact us to discuss options here)
  • Perfect for maturing / ageing homebrew.. Throw some oak chips in there??.. just saying..
  • 175mm diameter, 500mm high (taps add approx 12cm to height) 
  • Tapping kits sold separately - or select from the dropdown list to the right.
  • Check out our keg and bundle deals here.

Brewers / Pro Tap package includes:

  • 10L iKegger Mini Keg Marked with a 10L fill line. All out kegs come standard with a flat stainless top.
  • The most variable and multi functional tapping system with ball lock posts integrated to the double ball lock top (the same as most corny kegs).
  • Quality brass/chrome brumby tap & black plastic handle and professional quality mini CO2 regulator.
  • Ball lock disconnects for gas and liquid (MFL threaded)
  • MFL tap shank
  • gas CO2 canisters sold separately
  • Spare o-rings
  • Instructions
  • The tap and regulator click on and off for storage.
  • The valves maintain the pressure in the keg.
  • Can be chained together with more of our kegs or with your current system so there is always 4L (or more with additional kegs and spears) of beer ready to take away, just disconnect & go!
  • Can be used to force carbonate home brew beer. We recommend using a soda stream adapter (sold separately) and a soda stream bottle for the 10L kegs when force carbing as you will need a more constant source of co2 due to the larger keg.


Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, Could I add a Soda Stream adapter to this setup?

    Hi Alan - You Sure Can - The Pro Tap kit is what you want to use the sodastream adapter on.

    Grap the Sodastream Adapter here:

    Also - We have remote gas lines here which are pretty handy when using a sodastream bottle

    Cheers - Andrew.

  • How do these work as far as foaming is concerned? In my kegerator I need 12ft of beer line to keep foaming under control.. but I don't swap from carbing pressure to a different serving pressure.. I just set and forget at 12psi. Id be looking at getting the 10ltr keg with a pro tap kit and sodastream adapter to take on fishing weekends and camping, would be a simple storing the keg in a chilly bin then a bucket of ice once tapped for serving kinda deal. But don't want to be pouring 90% foam! Is it as simple as just using a really low pressure like 4psi to serve or can I add some beer line between the tap and disconnect? I just can't see how a brumby tap directly connected to the beer out disconnect can pour well!

    Hi Shaun -
    Yes, correct - pouring at 3-4psi is the key to keep foam down. You can pour all day like that and then when storing overnight jsut put it back up to 10psi to keep the carb in there.
    Yes keep cool in a cooler bin or ice.  You could covert a cooler bin to have a coil of line in it too if you wanted - attache a tap on the outside or have a picnic tap hanging out - fill the bin full of ice and use it like a jocky box.  You could run it at a higher pressure then.
    Happy to work a kit out for you jsut let us know how you want to go.
    Cheers - Andrew.

  • Hi team, I was wanting a small set up like this for a family Sunday lunch’s just out on a bench what will I need to get and price please

    Hi Hollye - Great idea and a perfect use.    The 5L or 10L would work fine for this. the 10L in linked to below:
    The Pro Tap Kit is what you will need:
    Plus a box of Co2 Canisters (box of 10 - each one lasts 4L so one box easily does 30L plus)

    Box of co2 gas here:

    If you want a cooler jacket / carry sleeve to keep it colder for longer - and keep the condensatiosn away then grab one of these too:

    Cheers and Enjoy!

  • Hi, Can you use these in a kegorator? I'm guessing yes but are there any issues with connecting and pressurizing etc.? I'm thinking of getting one of these and then down thetrack getting a kegorator.

    Hi Adrian -
    Absolutely - these have the same ball lock posts at corny kegs and work in the same way.  Perfect for kegerators and you can fit more of these kegs as they are thinner too.
    No issues with connections and pressurising.

  • Hi I have a standard CO2 regulator that if possible I can use with a soda stream bottle (with an adapter) I am looking at converting a fridge, using a 10L Keg, so will need a connection for the regulator, a beer tap, length of line to mount the tap in the fridge door, beer tap connection etc can you possibly make me up a list of items I will need and an estimate of pricing please. Many thanks

    Hi Kim - Happy to help out.
    Here is a list of things you will need - let us know if you already have any of them otherwise let us know if you want to go ahead and we can organise for you.

    1x 1.5m Gas Line with gas Disconnect : $15
    1x Brumby Chrome Beer tap and handle: $30
    1x Through wall beer tap shank + 8mm push fitting : $49
    1x 3m beer line with liquid disconnect + 8mm push fitting : $25
    1x 10L keg + double ball lock top $199

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


  • Hi, I have a brewkeg10 and am looking for something to transfer the brew to and serve out of. I have a basic tap and line and a sofa stream bottle with reg to pressurise the keg. I think I will need a transfer line and a neoprene jacket, is there anything else I will need? Do you have a better tap that I can use directly on the keg rather than via a plastic line?

    Hi Matt -
    Yes this is a perfect match for the BrewKeg10. You are on the money there with what you need.  What you would want is the 10: iKegger with ball lock top:  

    and then a transfer line:

    Neoprene jacket:

    Clip on tap options are here:  The flow control options work really well.

    Give us a call or msg if you have any other queries.

    Cheers - Team iKegger NZ

  • Hi I was after a 10L keg. Do the picnic taps work with a soda stream adapter? cheers

    Hi Lance -
    Unfortunatly not - the picnic tap is purley for dispensing using the small 16gram canisters.
    If you wanted to use a SS cylinder then we would recomend the Brewers Kit (soon to be re-named pro tap kit) The breweres / Pro kit is a much more advaced / better system as you can detach the tap and reg at any time and the keg will stay sealed. You could then lay the keg down if tap & reg is detached.

    Feel free to give us a call if you want to discuss. Happy to chat anytime.
    Cheers, Andrew

  • Gidday, was just wondering roughly how many 10 litre kegs you'd get from a soda stream bottle? Carbonating and pouring. Thank you.

    Hi Michael - A 60L sodastream cylinder (the larger ones) will carbonate 60L  or dispense about 120L  - so carbonating and pouring together would be about 50L so 5x 10L kegs.
    Any other questions please do let us know.

  • Hi looking at 10L ikegger brewers kit with tap etc for my partner who brews- notes say you can use dextrose in keg does this mean don't need C02 or is this still needed? Why is soda stream adapter needed and what's price of this? ( what is difference does it just carbonate full keg without need to change canisters?) Also if want to include Nitro what's needed in addition to this kit? Is it just addition of nitro gas? Or is different tap needed regulator etc?? Can you give me difference in price for both kits so I can compare and decide which option want to go with ( include list of everything that's included too please)

    Hi Rachel -
    Thanks for the question.
    If you use dextrose in the keg to carbonate it then you wont need co2 to do any force carbonation but you will need to wait 2 weeks for it to carb up. YOu will also get a bit of sediment at the bottom of the keg this way too.
    If you used co2 to force carbonate you will only have to wait 1 day or so for it to carb up and you will get little to no sediment.
    For the 10L keg we recommend to use a sodastream bottle as it is a larger gas source and yes will carbonate without having to change canisters. Otherwise it may take 3 or more of the mini gas canisters to carbonate the 10L keg. The sodastream Adapter is $29 :

    If you want to try out nitro then the cheapest is to o the get the nitro upgrade kit: nitro upgrade kit:
    A stout tap :
    and some nitrogen chargers :
    $118 total

    The next step up for nitro is a small nitrogen bottle and mini nitro reg + tap which would be $262 extra.

    Happy to help out further if you have any other questions - just let us know.


  • i an looking at kegging from a 50 liter brew keg down to the 10 for commercial use through an ice bank system, would you recommend this item/

    Sure - this would work well. I assume you mean to pressure transfer from the 50L to the 10L then take the 10L with you?
    You could then hook it up to the ice bank and use the mini reg to push the beer through - or hook it up to a sodastream bottle or full size bottle. All connections are ball lock so very comon there.
    Give us a call if you have other question or want to double check anything.  021 434846.

  • Hey! I’m keen on the 10L ikegger optional Taps etc. Will I still need to purchase the sodastream adapter? Cheers

    Hi Justin
    Thanks for the message. If you are wanting to force carbonate in the 10L ikegger then yes we would recomend our sodastream adapter.  If you are just using it for serving then the small 16g canisters are fine - 2 or 3 canisters would serve a full 10L.
    Let us know if you have any other questions -happy to help out anytime.

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