Nitrogen Stem - Type 50 Regulator Stem & Nut for NZ/AU Nitrogen Cylinders & Regulators

Nitrogen Stem & Nut - Type 50 for NZ/AU Nitrogen Cylinders & Regulators - Nitrogen Regulator Stem -

Use your co2 reg as a nitro or mixed gas reg.  Replace the stem with this one.
This stem will allow the use of Type 50 valve threaded tanks which in NZ is typically Nitrogen or Beer Gas mix or cellar mix gasses for nitro beers.

Please make sure your regulator is suitable for nitrogen before using it. MK3, MK4, MKIII regulators are all ok to use with nitrogen. Please contact us if you are unsure.

This is should fit on any NZ co2 regulator. You will need to take off the current stem and then screw on this Type 50 stem with thread sealing tape or paste. It has a 1/4" male thread for the regulator end.

MK3 & MK4 Regulators come with a standard Type 30 stem which is for CO2 cylinders. This stem & nut will need to be removed and replaced with the Type 50 to fit to Nitrogen tanks. We recommend the correct tools to do this or get a local fitting shop to do it for you.

Note: Regulator is not included.
Co2 Regs here:
Full Nitrogen Regs here:

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Ask a Question
  • It says to get a local fitting shop to fit it for you, but where would I find a place that would do that?

    Hi Pouyan - A local gas fitter or engineer / machanic should be able to do this very easily. Or if you have some friends handy with a wrench and vice you should be able to do this yourself.  Set the regulator in a vice - unscrew the old stem and screw in the new stem. Use thread sealent to be sure of the seal - and do a leak test once it is put back together and under pressure.
    Cheers -

  • Hello, I want a c02/nitro gas mix full keg with a Type50 connection to connect to my MK4 Type 50 regulator. Do you supply this? John

    Hi John - Yes we can do mixed gas cylinders.  We jsut need to know your address for freight and can go from there. They need to be ordered in.  Product is here if you want to see details.

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