Oxygenation Kit - Oxygen Regulator + Diffusion Stone

Oxygenate your wort - or anything that needs dissolved oxygen in solution.
Use for Oxygen only - M12 thread on reg for 12mm Disposable Cylinders

1x M12 O2 reg
MFL Swivel nut with barb (approx 6mm barb)
x spare regulator gaskets
1m food grade gas line
1x Diffusion Stone
2x stainless clamps
Optional: Oxygen Cylinder

Keep your yeast happy and get it to kick of a fast healthy fermentation - Oxygenate your wort:
Using pure oxygen is over 4 times faster and more effective than shaking or using an air pump.  60sec is all you need.
The optional Cylinder will enable you to oxygenate over 50 x 23L batches.
Without an oxygen flow meter, the best way to inject oxygen into 23L wort is to set a 60 second timer then turn up the dial on the regulator until there is some audible flow or bubbles coming out of the diffusion stone. Give the stone a spray with ethanol spray to sanitize it. Once you see bubbles start to form, it is then safe to submerge it into your COOL (not hot or warm) wort for 60 sec.
Go as deep into the fermenter as possible. Then adjust the flow of the regulator until you just start to see some bubbles form on the top of the wort, then back off slightly. About 10-20psi. Too many bubbles means its not saturating into the wort. With practice you will find a sweet spot.
Once finished oxygenating you can then add your yeast.
Pure Oxygen w/ stone  : 60 sec : (12ppm)  2 min : 24ppm

Instructions For Reg:

  • Before screwing on canisters - make sure the black knob is unscrewed anticlockwise until loose.  Screwing onto a canisters with the regulator knob screwed in clockwise (or in other words - turned ON - can damage the gauges.
  • Screw the regulator onto the top of the disposable cylinder - don't screw it on super tight - just hand tight - enough so you don't hear any gas escaping. When the reg is screwed on and off you might hear a short hiss as it seals or unseals.
  • Turn pressure up to desired level - Turn clockwise to increase pressure and anti clockwise to reduce pressure.
  • To reduce the chance of leaks and ending up with an empty cylinder, Please triple leak check all connections each time you use the reg by using soapy water sprayed on to see if bubbles are forming = leak.  OR disconnect the gas cylinder between uses.
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