Replacement Clear Gasket for Bottom Inlet of iKegger Mini Regs

Is the inlet gasket in your mini reg a bit worn?  (don't screw in the canisters too tight to prevent it wearing quickly..)

Does it leak around the inlet a bit more than normal when screwing in the canister?

Does gas come out the small hole at the back when screwing in a canister?  (this could be a possible fix)

Here is the replacement for you:

Replacement Clear Gasket for inlet of iKegger Mini Regs.

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Ask a Question
  • does this casket fit a 25 lt essencia condenser still is it the same size as essencia condenser still or do you stock one

    Sorry Kerry - No, this gasget is a different size to the one you are after.  We dont stock one that would fit either unfortunatly.  Try Brewers Coop in Penrose Auckland - they may have one?

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