Replacement Regulator Adapter - Inc. Clear Gasket 3/8 or 5/8 - 16g/74g

iKegger Mini Reg inlet Adapter

2 Sizes : 16G (3/8") or 74g (5/8")
Both come with replacement clear plastic gasket disk.

16G (3/8")
Replacement 16g threaded canister adapter (3/8" or 3/8-24 UNF small female thread) Allows use of the more common 16g / 3/8-24 UNF threaded Co2 cartridges

74G (5/8") -
For use with larger canisters (not common in NZ) or our older larger threaded Sodstream adapters.
Replacement 74g threaded canister adapter (5/8" UNF larger female thread) Allows use of larger less common 74g / 5/8 UNF threaded Co2 cartridges

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Ask a Question
  • I have a 3/8 regulator for 16g CO2 and want to switch to using the 74g CO2 bulb. What do I do if the 3/8 is really tight? Any tricks to loosening it?

    Hi Ray -
    If the adapter is very tight it is best to get it the reg into a vice (carefully as to not damage the gauge) and use the correct size spanner, taping the spanner on the end with somethign hard to free it up.  The reason it is tight is the friction caused by the rubber seal inside that is holding / sealing it.

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