Single tap keg cooler - 4L or 5L

Turn Camping into Glamping!

Just fill the keg with your beverage of choice, screw the top on, connect the liquid line & mini reg. Gas up and pour!  

Cocktails, beer, cider, kombucha, juice, soda.. you make it!  Add ice to the keg too if you like. 


  • Single bar tap on front of a 20L Pinnacle round chilly bin
  • Choose 5L or 4L keg
  • Mini regulator to control pressure & to keep carbonated drinks fizzy
  • iKegger 2.0 tap
  • 10x co2 canisters - each canister pours 4-5L
  • Easy push fit connections
  • Up to 48hr cooling retention on chilly bin
  • Soft grip chilly bin handles
  • Parts included to use keg on its own outside of the cooler
  • (Choose supply own keg, reg & spear if you already you own keg, reg and spear and we will omit those items from the list above)
Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Can the 5L Heineken beer keg be used for this product? Any other beer kegs you can recommend that can be used for this? Thanks.

    Hi Ed - unfortunatly the 5L Heineken ones cant be used in this - they have their own kind of build in tap. Our 5L kegs are designed to be refilled with what ever kind of beer you like - or other beverage - Gin & Tonic for example. Pretty handy really!

  • I already have a 4l and a 5L keg, and regulator, and a 2.0 tap, how much is the setup without these components

    Hey Nick,
    Pretty great setup right!  It would be $195 if you have your own Keg, Reg & keg spear top.  I will setup a product option for you. Cheers, Andrew

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