Stainless Shank - Through wall beer tap shank 100mm

Shorter shanks available here: 

Long Beer Tap Shank / Draft Shank -/Through Wall Shank - 100mm
Usable length through a wall is 73mm  (max wall thickness)

Make your own keg fridge or use in a chilly bin / cooler to make a jockey box.

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Ask a Question
  • What is the useable space on the 100mm shank ? I have about 45mm thick fridge door so assume the 62mm shank will be too small? Also what size is the barb on these shanks? cheers.

    Hi Dean - The usable length of the 62mm shank is 43mm.  The 100mm Shank is usable to 73mm wide.   Pop a small hole through the fridge where the tap will go and use a wire to measure.  Keep in mind that the walls will flex 1-2mm when tighting up the shanks so you will have an extra bit of space.

  • Hi, I have an Intertap ss with MFL tap shank adaptor and auto close spring and was wanting to use the tap for a kegerator. My question is, if I attach the tap to the shank can the spring still be used ? cheers.

    Hi Dean - it depends on teh kegerator shank - but you will need a longer spring for sure.

    These ones:

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