Pro Tapping System for Mini Kegs - Double Ball Lock Top, Tap & Regulator - Brewers Top

Perfect for use with our mini kegs for keeping beer fresh once filled. Perfect for homebrewers & Kegging too!

This tap unit fits all our mini kegs (2L, 4L, 5L & 10L as well as the 2L & 4L Growler when using the Growler Adapter). It has standard ball lock disconnect fittings so you can use your own bottle of CO2 when at home and mini 16g CO2 canisters when out and about.

Co2 Gas Canisters:
Buy packs of 10 c02 canisters for $29 here

If you want you can use the tap and regulator directly on a corny keg as well.

The system comes with the Pro Mini CO2 Regulator rather than the older one shown in the pictures.

Having ball locks means you can sit a collection of kegs in a kegerator and switch the tap and/or regulator between kegs as easily as connecting a garden hose, then take a whole keg and tap with you when going to a mates place or just take your tap along if they have iKeggers too!

Use the head unit (spear) of the brewers tap and a 4L Johnson with your own 19L keg for the perfect homebrewer kit. Connect the CO2 regulator to the GAS IN of the 19L keg and the LIQUID OUT of your 19L to the GAS IN in of the Johnson (using a diasy chain type setup). Connect the tap to to the LIQUID OUT of the Johnson. The beer when poured will flow from the 19L keg, fill up the 4L keg and then out the tap. You will always have a 12 pack of your homebrew ready to go at a moments notice. Simply disconnect the Johnson and take the tap and portable regulator with you.

This system comes standard with the angled black & Grey plastic fittings for the tap & reg.  90 deg stainless steel ball lock fittings are available as well, sold separately.

This setup does NOT include a mini keg or growler, this price is for the tap, spear and Pro Mini CO2 regulator alone.

Ball Lock Spear on its own:
If you have your own tap and regulator eg for a 19L keg system you can buy just the spear (the adapter that screws into the keg which the regulator and tap attach to) for $65 here >

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, Looking for the most minimalistic gas and tap set up for a WW 9 litre corny keg. What would you suggest? Cheers

    Hi Tom -
    All you would need is a clip on tap and clip on mini reg. Plus co2 canisters.


    Tap: (flow Nukatap control is best)

    OR - a clip on party tap:


    Cheers - Let us know if there is anything else you need.


  • How does it fill the 4ltr keg with beer from the 19ltr keg, If you have the gas in on the 4ltr connected to the beer out on the 19ltr? Won't it just suck beer straight to the tap as the diptube is at the bottom of the 4ltr without actually filling the 4ltr?

    Hi Shaun -
    All pretty simple really - Just start with the 4L keg completly full first - then with the 2 kegs connected, the 4L keg stays full the whole time untill there is no beer left in the 19L keg.  The Gas is connected to the 19L, pushing the beer through to the 4L when ever beer is pulled from the 4L from the tap connected to it.
    Cheers - Team iKegger.

  • Hey will this work for nitro?

    Hi Jacques - Yes it would but you would have to hook it up to your own nitrogen source. Or buy one of our portable 2.2L nitrogen mini reg & bottle packs. We can also organise full size nitro regulators and refillable nitrogen bottels if you like.  You would also want to attach a stout tap of some kind to get teh nitro effect.  We have Intertap stainless taps with stout spouts if you want as well as a cheaper version and also full tilt classic stout taps.  Fire us an email to if you want us to organise you something.  Cheers.

  • Would this be suitable for dispensing from a "party" (20l) keg from a brewery?

    Hi Roo -
    You would need a d-coupler fitting for a commercial keg.  (link in text)  plus the following parts too:

    Get the ball lock fitting in this link

    Plus a clip on tap

    And clip on regulator

    Plus gas canisters:

    Cheers - Andrew.

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