BrewKeg 10 & 10L iKegger Combo - Transfer your beer and fit more in yo
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BrewKeg 10 & 10L iKegger Combo - Transfer your beer and fit more in your fridge!

This kit comes with a 10L iKegger Keg & Double ball lock top by default. You then pick if you want a brew keg, transfer line, spunding valve and regulator from the drop down menus.

BrewKegs are great but what about if you want to brew another beer as soon as one has finished fermenting in your BrewKeg? How to store / move all that delicious beer?

The easy solution - transfer the beer from the BrewKeg to an iKegger Keg!

The 10L iKegger is skinnier than the BrewKeg10 and Corny Kegs at only 17.5cm diameter, so you can still fit 2x BrewKeg10s in most standard kegerator fridges and have at least one 10L iKegger keg in there as well. Or easily fit 5x 10L iKeggers by themselves!

The iKegger kegs have the same ball lock posts as the BrewKeg as well as Corny Kegs so they are compatible with home Kegerators. Just transfer using the included transfer line, connect to your kegerator gas and liquid lines and you are done! 

You may already have items from your WW BrewKeg kit that help with this process such as a pressure transfer line and Ball Lock Variable Pressure release Valve (VPRV).

The Combo we have created comes with a 10L iKegger Keg with Double ball lock top by default and has the following options that you can customise to your liking: (use the drop down lists to select)

  • 1x iKegger 10L Mini Keg + Double Ball Lock Top (default)
  • 1x Williams Warn Brewkeg 10
  • 1x Pressure Transfer Line - Easy Clean
  • 1x Mini Regulator + Gas Disconnect
  • 1x Spunding Valve / VPRV with Gas Disconnect

If you would like to further customise a package with things like stainless fittings, soda-stream adapters or remote gas line etc please contact us and we can work out a custom deal for you.



Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • 1 x 10lt brewkeg plus 1 x 10lt ikegger for $285. Is that correct?

    Hi. It's $885 for both. You need to make your selections from the drop down boxes. Let us know if you have any other questions at all.

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