Pro Mini CO2 Regulator

High Quality Mini CO2 Regulator

These are very high quality mini CO2 regulators that take 16-24g threaded gas canisters. They will regulate the flow of CO2 from the canister into the keg & maintain a set pressure while there is enough gas in the canister.

Co2 Gas Canisters:
Buy packs of 10 c02 canisters for $29 here

Optional Gas Line:
Select your a gas line and disconnect for this regulator here:


These come with an MFL swivel connection so you can attach a ball lock disconnect allowing the regulator to attache to any ball lock back post - on a corny keg, mini keg, or fermenter post etc.

This regulator comes standard with any of our brewers keg packages.

Check out the package deals here

**Important usage notes at the bottom of the page.

**Gas disconnects or our Sodastream bottle attachment or full size CO2 bottle adapter need to be purchased separately or selected from the drop down to the right.**

**Note - Our Sodastream adapters look similar to other SS adapters for full size regulators on the market but have a different thread specific to our mini regs. 

These professional grade regulators are set and forget. Once you set the pressure, at 5psi for example, the regulator will maintain the keg at that internal pressure. When you pour a beer the regulator will inject CO2 from the canister to keep the pressure steady.

The huge benefit of this is that there is no constant adjustments necessary as you pour or between pouring beers. These regulators make it easy for anybody to pour a beer from your system so are perfect for parties, bbqs, beach days etc.

The reg comes standard with an inlet for standard 16g threaded CO2 canisters. Buy packs of 10 gas canisters for $29 here  
Buy a Sodastream bottle adapter here as well as Sodastream bottles here. 
Sodastream bottles cost about $15-25 (30L vs 60L) to refill these and hold the equivalent of 17 to 25 x 16g disposable cartridges.

To use with Full Size CO2 bottles we do have a larger 74g adapter that comes with our specific full size CO2 bottle adapter (sold separately) You will need to change the inlet adapter from the 16g to the 74g to use this adapter - instructions at bottom of page here >

The gas outlet (M-8mm) of the mini regulator fits directly onto our picnic tap spear or screws onto a MFL gas disconnect with a M8 to MFL Swivel Adapter (included with regulator) for connection to ball lock posts on our mini kegs or corny kegs.

To protect your regulator from liquid we recommend one of our gas disconnects with a built in check valve. These prevent any liquid coming out of the keg and into the regulator which will ruin it. This is especially a concern if you want to force carbonate with the keg lying down as if the gas runs out there is nothing to stop beer flowing out the disconnect into the regulator.

Use as a PRV - Pressure Release Valve.

As a bonus - these regulators can be used as a Pressure Release Valve (PRV_ when doing keg to keg transfers. With no gas canister attached you can attached the reg to the gas post on a keg and turn the knob until pressure starts releasing to enable the transfer. How Brilliant is that!

Unfortunately the idea of further using the above technique as a Spunding valve to pressure brew with does not currently work.  
We do have specific VPRV / Spunding valves sold separately here

NOTE: Be wary of any liquid transferring into the regulator. When transferring from keg to keg, if you over fill the receiving keg then liquid could also get into the regulator as well. Only use as a VRPV / Spunding valve if you are confident in your ability. We cannot take any responsibility for faulty regulators due to issues as above.


  1. Before screwing in a CO2 canister, make sure regulator knob is in the off position (wound out anti-clockwise all the way so "OFF" is aligned to the small triangle on the gauge top).
    Screwing in with the reg ON can put a lot of immediate pressure on the regulator & gauge and break it. This is not covered by warranty.
  2. Screw in canister quickly until 'hiss' stops. A small hiss of gas is expected until sealed.
  3. Over tightening the CO2 canister can damage the inner seal. Only tighten moderately.
  4. Wind knob in/down to increase pressure and out/up to decrease.
  5. Do not unscrew a CO2 canister if gas remains (ie not empty), unless it is self closing. (ie Sodastream bottle)
  6. Always turn the knob slowly to alter pressure. Fast movements can damage the diaphragm
  7. Do not turn pressure up if gas disconnect or remote gas line is not attached to a vessel as this can over pressurise the disconnect and crack it.
  8. Always do a leak check each use. Lube o-rings for better seal and check connections.
  9. There is a spare white outlet washer included - don't put this anywhere else other than the gas outlet as a replacement.
  10. Failure to follow these instructions can void your 1 year warranty.

Grey disconnects are for the GAS post only (angled)
Black disconnects are for the LIQUID post only (center vertical)

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • We are after a regulator with remote gas line. Do these come ready assembled as shown?

    They sure do.
    Just select what type you need.
    Cheers, Team iKegger.

  • Hi.. I have a mini co2 regulator purchased from Ikeggar and also 16g threaded co2 cartridges. Originally I had a soda stream bottle adapter connection for the reg but I have removed that. But now there is no way I can see of connecting to the threaded cartridges as the threaded hole on the reg is way bigger than the cartridge piece. I feel I am missing another adapter for this. Hope this makes sense.

    Hi Jet - Thanks for the message -
    There would have been the correct adapter in the regulator box when you purchased - if you dont have this anymore you can get another one here:

    Give us a call if you need any other help at all.

  • Hi guys,the connection between my regulator and the swivel adapter seems to leak gas. I was wondering if I am not getting it tight enough as it gets to a certain tightness and then starts swivelling. I note that when swivelling in clockwise direction it swivells but in anticlockwise it starts unscrewing - maybe that's my problem. Or is there meant to be an O ring inside the regulator connector - when I look inside it I can see a white ring (looks like Any pointers please let me know.

    Hi Adrian -
    Thanks for getting in contact.

    To get a good seal, connect the brass swivel to the grey disconnect nice and tight. As tight as you can do with your hands. 
    Then screw onto the regulator. You are correct in that the assembly with swivel clockwise while maintaining a seal against the white Teflon gasket in the side outlet of the regulator. This allows any arc of positioning of the regulator when attached to a keg.
    Anticlockwise turn will break the seal and unscrew. 
    Turning clockwise should give a medium amount of resistance to confirm a seal. If it is a loose clockwise seal or doesn't seem like much resistance (ie is turns very easily when screwed into the reg) then you need to tighten the swivel to the grey disconnect more or you can try replacing the white gasket as there is a spare sent with each regulator.

    Let me know if this helps or give us a call if you need further help.

  • Are the inner seals replaceable? I have damaged mine by over tightening.

    Hi Trevor, yes they are.
    Here is a link to the clear gas inlet gasket if that's what you mean:
    Replacement Clear Gasket for inlet of iKegger Mini Regs -

    Or if you are after the small white gas outlet gasket we have those too.

  • Hi there, do you have the burst disks available to purchase? Mine is out of warranty and is venting through the 1.8k screw. Thanks

    Hi Steven.
    Yes we have the burst disks available.  Give us an email back to this and we can work out an order for you.
    Also can you unscrew your 18k bolt on the back and check that your disk has a hole in it?  If not the disk and where it sits may just need a clean.

  • How long would a 16g cartridge last - i.e. can it deliver a full corny keg?

    Hi Trevor -
    One 16g canister will last abotu 4.5L - so to push a full corny keg it may be about 4-5 canisters needed.  (some people say it can be done with 3 canisters)

  • Hi does this regulator also accept the nitrogen disposable cartridges? Thanks Ikegger team

    This reg is just for co2. If you want the dual gas reg you will need our 2.0 reg, link below:

  • The gauge for my PRO MINI CO2 REGULATOR is no longer working. Do you sell replacements? Thanks, Jay.

    Hi Jay - Yes we do have some replacement gauges - its a bit hit and miss depending on what the issue with your regulator is.  Email us back with some pictures and we can go from there.  Cheers - Andrew.

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