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Pro Mini CO2 Regulator

High Quality Mini CO2 Regulator

These are very high quality mini CO2 regulators. They will regulate the flow of CO2 from the canister into the keg & maintain a set pressure while there is enough gas in the canister.

**Gas disconnects, MFL swivel connections or our specific sodastream adaptor or full size co2 bottle adapter need to be purchased separately or selected from the drop down to the right.**

**Note - Our Sodastream adapters look similar to other SS adapters for full size regulators on the market but they are a different thread. If you want to use a Sodastream cylinder with our mini regulators you will need one of our Sodastream adapters which we have had made specifically for these mini regs.

These professional grade regulators are set and forget. Once you set the pressure, at 5psi for example, the regulator will maintain the keg at that internal pressure for days or weeks if unused. When you pour a beer the regulator will inject CO2 from the canister to keep the pressure steady.

The huge benefit of this is that there is no constant adjustments necessary as you pour or between pouring beers. These regulators make it easy for anybody to pour a beer from your system so are perfect for parties, bbqs, beach days etc.

The reg has an inlet for both 16g threaded CO2 canisters. The 16g adapter is already installed for you.

We do have a larger 74g adapter for our specific Sodastream bottle attachment or full size CO2 bottle adapter (both sold separately) you will need to change the inlet adapter - instructions at bottom of page here >

The regulator has an 8mm (M8) gas outlet that fits our 360 Deg MFL swivel fitting available here >

This regulator comes standard with the following packages:

4L "Johnson" Keg & Tap Package

2L "Hummer" Keg & Tap Package

2L Insulated "Growler" & Tap Package

as well as our 5L & 10L packages

Use as a PRV - Pressure Release Valve.

As a bonus - these regulators can be used as a Pressure Release Valve (PRV_ when doing keg to keg transfers. With no gas canister attached you can attached the reg via a gas disconnect to a gas out ball lock post on a vessel and dial the knob to start releasing pressure and enable a transfer. How Brilliant is that!

Unfortunately the idea of further using the above technique as a Spunding valve to pressure brew with does not currently work. 
We do have specific VPRV / Spunding valves sold separately here

NOTE: Be wary of any liquid transferring into the regulator. When transferring from keg to keg, if you over fill the receiving keg then liquid could also get into the regulator as well. Only use as a VRPV / Spunding valve if you are confident in your ability. We cannot take any responsibility for faulty regulators due to issues as above.

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