Fermzilla GEN 2 Conical Fermenter - 27L Uni Tank - with Ball Lock Post Pressure Kit

The 27L Conical Fermenter - GEN 2 FERMZILLA

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Our motto at iKegger has always been "forget bottling". We have made it our mission to take out the labour and headaches involved with that process and now we are taking it up a notch and simplifying the fermentation process too!

These fermenters are genuine UniTanks as they combine a lot of steps into one simple process and vessel.

With a traditional fermenter you would rack (or siphon) the brew off the top of the trub (yeast and hop sediment) after primary fermentation has finished.

You would usually do this into a secondary vessel then wait for the remaining yeast to settle (possibly chilling to cold crash or using additives help clarify the beer.)

After the beer has clarified and settled you would then again rack off the beer into bottles or kegs.

Having all these steps, multiple vessels and racking equipment increases the chance of infection or contact with oxygen for your brew and, while not every home brewer takes these steps, the experiments and knowledge of professional brewers has proven that when done correctly they result in a better quality beer. 

 What if you could do all these steps quickly, easily and with no chance of infection using a single vessel and no transfers?

That is exactly what the basic version of this fantastically designed conical fermenter allows!

  1. Simply pour your cooled wort into the vessel and pitch your yeast.
  2. Wait for primary fermentation to finish and all the trub to settle in the collection jar at the base, close the butterfly valve and unscrew the vessel to dispose of it. 
  3. Reattach the collection jar and reopen the valve to collect viable yeast for your next brew.

What if you could then attach our mini regulator straight onto the top of that vessel using a standard ball lock disconnect, pressurise the chamber and simply attach a tap to use it as a keg too?

    Three things that makes this conical fermenter unique IF YOU ADD THE STAINLESS PRESSURE KIT are:

        1. It's ability to be fully pressurised up to 35psi working pressure (tested to 70psi)
        2. It uses a floating dip tube attached to a liquid ball lock post on top of the fermenter instead of just using the bottom valve to drain with gravity 
        3. It has a over pressure bleed valve (35psi)

        This means that after primary fermentation you can either:

        1. Use a regulator and a daisy chain link to transfer the brew to a keg for ageing and carbonation while you put on your next brew.
        2. Add your sugar to the fermenter to secondary ferment / carbonate directly in the vessel and (after attaching a tap and regulator) pour beer straight from it.
        3. Put the whole fermenter into a fridge, attach a regulator and force carbonate your brew then attach a tap and serve straight from it. (you will always be drawing from the clearest part of your brew, the top!)

        Download the instruction manual here >


        Ask a Question


        Ask a Question
        • How much sugar would you need for secondary fermentation im use to carbonation drops in 750ml bottles

          Hi Darrius -

          Thanks for getting in contact.  Effectively if you are using the pressure kit and fermenting under pressure the beer will be carbonated by the time ferment is complete, so no priming sugar will be needed at all.  You would not need to wait the extra 2 weeks for carbonation and there will be less sediment if bottling. You could even drink right out the fermenter after cold crashing in a fridge if you like - just clip on a picnic thumb tap and you are away.  That is the beauty with pressure fermenters  (c:
          If you did want to add more carboantion the best way would be to hook up a sodastream bottle and force carb at 25psi over night or untill you get the carb level you want.

          Let us know if you have any other questions.

        • Hi, Just wanted to check, with the pressure kit on the fermentasaurus. Do you need to release the pressure at all through primary fermentation, or will it bleed itself when it builds up too much? Don't want it to explode, cheers. 🤯

          With pressure fermentation you do want keep an eye on what pressure the system is sitting at. If it gets too high then yes you will want to bleed pressure off. The best way to do this is with a spunding valve - you can then set the pressure and it will automatically release pressure for you. we have them here: https://www.ikegger.co.nz/products/prv-vprv-spunding-valve If you had some other kind of guage on the fermenter to read the pressure then you could also release gas manually too with the pressure release valve.  Let us know if you have any other questions. Cheers.

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