Intertap Ball Lock Post Spout - Intertap / Nukatap Compatible

This is a great Intertap spout accessory that can be used for a range of purposes including rigger fills and pressure transfers as well as keg and line cleaning.

This spout replaces the standard spout on the SS Intertap or Nukatap Premium Bar Tap

Simply un-screw the regular nozzle and screw on the Liquid Ball Lock Post spout.

You can attach a ball lock disconnect with some hose attached to it to fill growlers or riggers / bottles on the go or you could add a Beergun to the end of the hose to get a further reach from you tap.

Pressure Transfers:
Attach a counter pressure filler gun directly to the tap with a liquid ball lock disconnect and make filling bottles a breeze without having to open the fridge and re-jig lines.

Or hook up a transfer line (black to black disconnect) from the tap to a mini keg or full size keg to transfer beer easily

Line Cleaning & keg cleaning:
Clean out your beer lines easy when you have finished a keg by filling another mini keg or full size keg with Line Cleaner then hook up to the ball lock post spout on your Intertap. Release the gas from the keg inside the fridge the lock the valve open.  Connect the gas line from the fridge to the keg with cleaning solution. Pull the tap handle and the cleaning solution will flow from backwards through the tap into the keg in the fridge. Leave solution in the line for 5 min then repeat with fresh water to rinse the line.  Once complete you can remove the keg from teh fridge and give it a shake then rinse out. The solution will help clean out the keg too. Easy!

Intertap Ball Lock Spout



Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi have you got a ball lock spout that will fit an Ultratap?

    Unfortunatly no we dont sorry. It's a shame that the Intertap / Nuka Tap spouts don't fit - they have a different thread.

    Your best bet may be Keg King Aus and get it courierd to  a forwarder to send it to you. 

    Let us know if there is anythign else we can help with - cheers.



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