Barbed Outlet For iKegger Pro Mini Regulator

In Stock here: Click here for the new improved barbed outlet:
The new adapter (link above) is much better as it screws directly into our mini regs without removing any parts. Easy!


These stainless steel barb outlets replace the standard M8 threaded brass outlets that come as standard normally.

They allow you to connect a piece of 6mm ID gas line directly to the regulator rather than using the swivel adapter and MFL barb outlet necessary if you want to have the option of using the regulator directly on a disconnect as well.  

Eliminating the extra pieces to just have one piece means less change of leaks.

You will probably want to get a couple of clamps to hold the line in place. Gas Line is available here also

(Does not include the regulator as pictured)

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hi, im using this regulator for CO2 injection into my aquarium. all the aquarium airlines are 4mm internal and 5mm external diameter. Do you have any adapter with a smaller barb than 6mm?

    Sorry we don't, but you could get some reducers are scale up the line? Or find some push fittings.  5mm of is an odd size in my experience. Can you confirm that OD?

  • How heavy is this item ?

    Not very heavy at all. Probably easily under 50g I would say.  Would you liek an exact weight?

    We also have another barb that screws directally into our mini regs without having to take off any adapters:

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