Flow Control Disconnect - Ball Lock - Stainless Steel

Flow Control Ball Lock Disconnect / Keg Connector.
These are perfect for serving multiple kegs at different carbonation levels or pressures as they give you the ability to adjust resistance easily with the flow control knob on top.

These are machined from stainless steel and have an MFL thread on the outlet. To connect to a beverage line / tube you would need either a MFL to Barb connector (MFL nut and swivel) or a MFL to 8mm push in connector.

Normally to control the flow rate from a tap (and depending on carbonation level of the beverage) your would need to adjust pressure of the gas into the keg or adjust the length or interior diameter of the liquid line coming from that keg or use a flow control tap. Now you can use a flow control disconnect and control the flow directly from the keg.

Flow control taps are good but they inherently can create a small amount of turbulence and therefore can cause foaming as your pour. Since they are placed right at the end of the beer it gives them no head pressure. As a result any turbulence created can cause foaming as carbonation comes out of solution.

The flow control ball lock disconnects however have the ability to restrict the flow before the beer enters the beer line so the head pressure created by the beer line keeps the carbonation in solution. Even in the instance that turbulence is created in the beer line, the beer will be far more resistant to foaming issues.


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