Gas Disconnect with Check Valve - Ball Lock

These German made (CMBecker) check valves are a really great idea, especially if you are wanting to lay our mini kegs on their side in the fridge for force carbonating / dispensing or for use on any other ball lock keg to protect the gas line / regulator.

For connecting to a gas line you would need either a MFL to Barb connector or a MFL to 8mm push in connector.

They work as a normal gas disconnect except that unlike others they have a liquid no return valve built into them.

This stops any liquid running back up the gas post and into the regulator which will ruin the internal mechanisms. We have noticed this being a potential issue when force carbonating kegs that are lying on their side as if the gas in your cartridge runs out or becomes low there is nothing stopping the liquid trickling back to the regulator.

We definitely recommend getting these if you intend on force carbonating in this manner (liquid inside the regulator is not covered under their warranty under any circumstance) but they are also an excellent safe guard no matter how you plan on using your keg.

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