Soda Stream 60L - 400g Co2 Gas Cylinder - Full

Soda Stream Cylinder 60L

To use a Sodastream bottle with our professional mini regulator or full size regulator you will need a soda stream adapter available from us here »  (Sodastream filling adapter available too)
We also stock an adapter for full size co2 bottles & valves for our mini reg here »

Our Sodastream adapters are specific to our Mini Regs. We do have the sodastream adapters for full size regulators if you do need them - just ask.

Sodastream bottles are a great middle ground between a full size 2.6kg or 6kg CO2 bottle and disposable 16g canisters.

They are still light and thin enough to be portable or to fit in your fridge for carbonating home brew and a 60L cylinder holds the equivalent of approximately 34x 16g canisters! Enough to dispense over 100L of beer or carbonate and dispense about 50L of home brew.
These are full sawppa bottles - refilled locally & swapped locally.

They also work out much cheaper than using the disposable canisters at only about $25-30 a swap.
Sodastream offers a swap and go service at most supermarkets and other outlets in most towns and suburbs in NZ, see a map for your closest one here »

To use them with our professional mini regulator you need the adapter available from us here »

To use with a 19L corny keg it is best to purchase a stainless steel gas disconnect » so that the sodastream bottle hangs vertically and for the same reason the plastic disconnect works better with the mini kegs (as you can see in the product pictures).

You can also combine them with a gas manifold for gassing multiple kegs at once for either carbonating or dispensing. Get in contact with us if you are wanting a manifold made up for you.

carbonation kit with soda stream bottle

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Ask a Question
  • Hey Team, Love your product, how much for the set up mentioned with the 4 line gas manifold, soda stream regulator and connections?

    Hi Ken - Thanks!
    You are looking at around $245 for a 4 way manifold with 1m gas lines, clamps and connections with disconnects as well as a regulator and sodastream connection.  No sodastream bottle however.
    Let us know if you want us to make you one up.

  • Hi Is the price of your 60l? Thanks Annabel

    Hi Annabel, The 30L are $39 and the 60L are $59.

  • What are the dimensions of the 30 L gas cylinder? Is it the same size as the 60L but filled less or is it smaller?

    Hi Carlo -
    They are about 5 cm shorter and a little bit skinnier than the 60L cylidners.
    We currently have none in stock however sorry.  Hopfulyl more in a few weeks.

  • Hi are your 30litre sodastream gas bottles to buy $39 each? Just would like to know price please. Thanks

    Only 60L bottles are avaliable now - They are $59.  But out of stock at present.  Should have some in a week so so.

  • Hi there As the 30litre bottles are been phased out can i still fill my 30litre bottles with you. Thank you

    Unfortunately we don't fill sodastream cylinders.  Home Brew West (grow and brew) in Henderson are the only ones we know of that fill them.  Give them a bell.

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